6 Reasons You Should Livestream Your Wedding

There’s no denying that technology helps connect us to loved ones near and far. But it’s only been recently that people have harnessed tech’s power to bridge physical divides on a couple’s most special day!

Livestreaming your wedding is a newer evolution in the wedding game. And it offers some great benefits to the bride and groom as well as loved ones too! Now you can celebrate with everyone you want to — even if they can’t be there in person with you. Let’s dive into six situations where livestreaming your wedding can improve your big day.

1. A Destination Wedding

Whether due to the cost, travel challenges, or folks not being able to take time off work, having a destination wedding always comes with the risk that some guests just won’t be able to make it. But unlike in years past when missing the wedding meant missing the whole experience, with wedding livestreaming, your guests who can’t travel to the wedding can still take part — and in real time! Streaming platforms like Guestinations not only stream your wedding live from a custom webpage but also have integrated features to engage your digital attendees so they can truly participate in the event.

2. Difficulty Traveling

Even if your wedding location isn’t considered a “destination,” you’re more than likely going to have at least some out-of-town guests on your invite list. While many will make the trip for your big day, some may not be able to due to health, injuries, age, pregnancy or having young children. A livestreamed wedding lets them attend and celebrate with you, without having to face those barriers to being there in person.

3. Covid-Conscious

This one doesn’t need a lot of explaining. Wedding “rules” and etiquette have changed so much since March 2020. While we may now (at the time of this writing, at least) legally be able to gather in groups of over 50 people, you or your guests may have concerns about being a part of a large gathering, especially if it requires travel to get there. Enter livestreaming to help your Covid-conscious guests (or yourselves) be a part of your wedding virtually, while you host a small group of guests in person.

4. Immune Compromised

Building from the last point, an immune-compromised person really might not feel comfortable attending a large wedding. If that immune-compromised person is you or fiancé, one of your close family members, or your best friend, you might decide an intimate elopement or micro-wedding is best for you (see below). Or you might have some immune-compromised invitees who would love to be there but just can’t risk attending or traveling to be there in person. Livestreaming allows you to protect those at risk in your life while still celebrating your wedding with more people than just those who are physically present.

5. Micro-Wedding or Small Venue

Few people had ever heard the term “micro-wedding” three years ago, but today you’re hard-pressed to find a wedding planner who doesn’t include the term (which describes a 50-person or less wedding) in their list of services. Or perhaps your dream venue is particularly intimate with a low max guest count. Either option leaves room for some hurt feelings of guests left off the invite list. Why not explain your motivation for your intimate wedding while inviting guests to join your celebration virtually via livestreaming? This still gives your mom’s great-aunt’s cousin’s son the opportunity to celebrate with you, without compromising on your choice to have a micro-wedding.

6. Save Money

Have you SEEN gas prices lately?! With the average cost of a wedding being between $150 and $300 per guest, depending on the state you’re in, you might be rethinking some of those people on your preliminary invitation list. Consider limiting your in-person guest list and inviting some people virtually only.

Not all wedding livestreaming sites are created equal. Guestinations comes with extra features to make your guests’ digital experience more engaging and more intimate than simply watching a video stream of the ceremony and reception. Guestinations also offers a digital storybook of your wedding to help capture all the special moments from your wedding journey. From photos and videos you upload to candid shots and messages from your friends and family (whether remote or in person), the digital storybook offers a fun record of your big day as well as the days and weeks leading up to it so you can relive the entire experience for years to come.

Both in-person and remote guests can upload their own content and engage with the bride and groom’s and other guests’ uploaded content in the mobile app or via a webpage throughout the course of your wedding – even before and after the livestream.

If any of these situations relate to discussions you and your fiancé (and maybe your families, too) are having, incorporating Guestinations into your wedding experience just might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Discover why Guestinations is a great option no matter what the need is for you to livestream your wedding.
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